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# Project Details
The project "Celestyn" by Jey Yes Homes is located at Perumbakkam, Chennai. The residential units are to come up in 10 blocks.
The rate per SQFT is Rs.3290**.

There are no known Online Communities (Groups/Portals) for Owners of Jey Yes Homes Celestyn.

This Map of Jey Yes Homes Celestyn shows the approximate location of the project.

Other details :
Amenities include..
Indoor Games
Kids Play Area
Multipurpose Hall
Security Room

For contact details, proceed to the project website link provided here.

Images :(Click to view larger image)
Photo - Jey Yes Homes Celestyn Photos

Project Webpage : Jey Yes Homes - Celestyn details

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** Not Yet Verified by builder. Details..

# r.rajkumar   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynSat Jul 02, 2011 05:17 AM
Discuss about Jey Yes Homes Celestyn project in this thread

# mailtochandrasekaran   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynSun Sep 04, 2011 11:49 AM
Hi All,
I am thinking common area comes arround 50% of actual area.
Any one booked flats in Celestyn?
Please share me your thoughts or contact numbers.

# rajeshreshi   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynSat Nov 05, 2011 07:45 AM

Last-Updated by : rajeshreshi on Sat Nov 05, 2011 07:50 AM

# arnoldvinoth.james   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynMon Nov 28, 2011 02:42 AM
We need to make sure the below things

1. Quality
2. Car Parking Space (Exact Size) and exact place for us.
3. What they will do if we face cracks in wall with in one year
4. Rain water harvesting
5. Drainage facility

# arnoldvinoth.james   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynMon Nov 28, 2011 02:43 AM
my number is 9962943514., and have an idea to book a flat in jey yes., call me for discussion

# thenmaranpoonkodi   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynSun Aug 26, 2012 02:41 PM
Not a good dealer to have a nice business.
Low price, No quality,, Crowdy..
Stay away.

# sudhagarjohn   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynMon Jul 06, 2015 01:45 PM
check their previous project completed 5 years before and see the quality and how it looks now and decide.

# sudhagarjohn   Post Subject:Discussion on Jey Yes Homes CelestynMon Jul 06, 2015 01:50 PM
We purchased a flat in 2008 from JEYYES Builders in South Madipakkam, 4th main road, sada sivam nagar. Below is my worst experience till date. Sharing it so that anyone deciding to approach for a flat/house will rethink twice with this builder.

We got finalized the flat with car parking and EB for 26 Lakhs out of which we paid 6 lakhs out of hand and remaining 20 lakhs from Canara Bank home loan. The loan was approved by the bank after verifying the documents and site visit.

The opposite side of our flat is an open cemetery when enquired they confirmed that it’s a Christian cemetery and we have got the stay order to close and convert to a park. Even today this exists as a common graveyard and human dead bodies are burnt here.

The Sale agreement, construction agreement and sale deed we received have different builders name like Rasi Builders, JEY YES Builders, etc. When asked why not having the JEYYES Builders name in all documents they gave the reply saying that they have split the business in different builder names for Income Tax issue.

As per the sale agreement the UDS was 520 Square feet and car parking was agreed. They confirmed the current G1 B Block car parking as ours orally.Their Flat/construction plan given to us will not have explicit car parking marked for each of the flats. So they promise the same parking for multiple customers and the customers are ignorant of this fact until they take possession of the flat. During the bank officials site visit the builders confirmed that the same to them too.

The day before registration we got the sale deed copy to verify, there too UDS is 520 square feet. On the registration day while standing before the registrar we found that the sale deed document is showing only 514 square feet. When enquired they coolly replied typo error and we couldn’t do anything. Bank officials held the remaining amount saying we have to correct the documents and resubmit.

Once we moved to the flat after six months, they allotted car parking for the flats. We were given a small rectangle space drawn in the common passage way saying this is our car parking.

If we park our car then entering into the flat will be difficulty. We can only park a Nano/alto car in that space. Car Parking Photos attached.

When questioned why we are not given the agreed car parking, the reply from them was that G1 owner paid in cash and we paid in through canara bank which comes in account books. We didn’t have car at that time but when we bought the car flat owners began to oppose to use their vacant parking as well as the parking allotted for us in the common passage. We have no other option than to park in the road.
As per the construction agreement borewell was a clause. But when we got the keys they told that borewell is pending will do it once necessity arises. But within 1 Year we had water scarcity and we approached for borewell they asked us to pay for it. They even collected the amount rupees 12000 for each flats from us but one owner who is a lawyer opposed then they waived the amount and got us the borewell.
Borewell should be set before the flat construction begun not after everyone possess the house. While digging the borewell in the common passage the equipment got stuck in 50” depth and that has to be closed with the equipment in. They dug the borewell in another location after creating such troubles to us.

Construction quality is pathetic. Water tanks, soak pits, EB entry lines all these we spend amount and fixed that it serves the purposes.

The next portion of the land is also owned by the same builder. They started flat construction in that land in 2012 named JEY YES Seema Flats. They have extended the sides into our compound which is around 5 to 8" from their ground floor. There is no space between our and their flat so that someone can stand and pain the walls.

My Sincere request to be careful while dealing with this builders or its related entities.

Post your reviews/queries/comments on Jey Yes Homes Celestyn project or about Perumbakkam locality in general and get answers from PlaceToLive.in user community.

Discuss well before you decide on your long term investment.

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