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# Project Details
The project "Krona" by VGN is located at Gerugambakkam (near Porur), Chennai. A total of about 414 residential units is planned to be constructed in G + 2 floors.
The units are available in 600 to 1660 (phase I), 1030 to 1625 (phase II) SQFT size. The rate per SQFT is Rs.3495 (phase I), 4199 (phase II)**.

There are no known Online Communities (Groups/Portals) for Owners of VGN Krona.

This Map of VGN Krona shows the approximate location of the project.

Other details :
VGN Group is coming up with VGN Krona in around 10.44 acres of land in Girugambakkam, near Porur in Chennai.

Near by Schools
* PSBB Millennium - 400 mts
* Holy cross matriculation - Diagonally opposite to VGN Krona
* Pon Vidyashram - 1.8 km
* Omega International - 1.8 km

Amenities at VGN Krona

Club house amenities :
- Swimming pool
- Gym
- Multipurpose hall
- Home theatre
- Indoor games - 2 halls
- Library
- Party hall
- Play station alley
- Maintenance office
- Kids play room
- DTH / Telephone / Broadband

Retail Amenities :
- Clinic / pharmacy
- Departmental store
- Saloon
- Creche
- Take away restaurant

Call 4343 9999 for bookings
Onsite bookings : 11, 12 and 13 Feb 2011

Images :(Click to view larger image)
Photo - VGN Krona Photos

Project Webpage : VGN - Krona details

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** Not Yet Verified by builder. Details..

# r.rajkumar   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaFri Feb 11, 2011 02:35 AM
Discuss about VGN Krona project in this thread

# garunprakash   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaWed Feb 23, 2011 06:10 PM
What if the NOC is cancelled at a later stage? Is it not risking the Airport Expansion?

# haimuralihere   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaTue Mar 01, 2011 04:47 AM
Is there any risk involved in booking a flat with VGN Krona because of Airport Expansion?
Is it worth to buy and will there be any appreciations in the future?

Experts,please share your coments.
Last-Updated by : haimuralihere on Tue Mar 01, 2011 04:48 AM

# sridharraman1970   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSun Jul 31, 2011 04:16 AM
VGN krona comes under delegated powers of kundrathur panchayath since they get approval seperately for blocks consisting of not more than 6 dwelling units(considered as ordinary buildings as per the CMDA development control rules), it is a beautiful place since bus stop is located right in front of the layout. And the latest news(or rumour), airport is not going to be expanded since the International Aviation organisation has recommeded for a new airport in Sriperumbudur. Plus, the State Govt. has conducted a revised survey on 29.07.2011 since the land acquired is huge. I think one can be sure that the airport expansion will not affect krona. Two of my friends have booked and i have also visited that place. It is very tempting since the atmosphere is very serene and clam.
Last-Updated by : sridharraman1970 on Sun Aug 21, 2011 04:11 AM

# nsarankapani   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSat Aug 13, 2011 04:11 PM
Anybody who has checked the legal documents related to VGN Krona. I have booked a flat in VGN Krona and planning to proceed to check the legal documents and further agreement with VGN. Please let me know anybody is interested to join with me on this process so that we can do it jointly.


# macchusubbu   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSun Aug 14, 2011 02:22 AM

We also booked a flat in VGN Krona.I am worried about the NOC from AAI .I checked with RTI docs and I am concerned that this falls right at the border of AAI land acquisition for Airport expansion.
Anyone with more info, please share.

# harivenget   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaTue Sep 27, 2011 12:16 PM
last week i visited the krona site,read this article regarding airport expansion problem..could any one got latest update regarding this, if so plz provide me your valuable input.

# ramkrish.shiv   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaWed Oct 19, 2011 03:36 PM
As far as my knowledge on the airport expansion goes, the parallel runway project in existing airport is currently on hold as ICAO (international civil aviation organisation) seems to have approved the new airport project in sriperambudhur long back..and AAI ( Airport Authority of India ) is waiting for the state govt to decide if they would still want to go ahead with the expansion in existing airport or move the international airport to sriperambudhur. All in the hands of the new state govt... Now, the question is if they would want to still expand existing airport by creating parallel runway causing environmental issues to the adyar river that would endanger the ecology of the region as well as affect the safety of air traffic as the runway might get flooded during rainy season ...besides causing financial loss to ordinary ppl who have invested their life time savings in the area marked for expansion...(or) .. Construct an all new international airport in the approved sriperambadhur location..and probably leave the existing airport for cargos to be transported....
Last-Updated by : ramkrish.shiv on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:03 AM

# boopathy25   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaFri Oct 21, 2011 04:03 PM
I hav recently booked a 3 bhk flat in vgn krona.
my lawyer says there is some problem in one of the life wills which says 'sons have the power to use but not to sell land'. but they have sold it which is against the will. It is will of mr. krishna reddy.
Anybody had similar problems??. kindly share it here.

# sridharraman1970   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSun Oct 23, 2011 04:03 AM
With reference to boopathy25. I think you would have been referring to the same portion of the layout where my friend has purchased one of the apartment. I have also seen the document wherein Krishnareddy in his will says that his sons will have power to use but not to sale and only the wives of his sons and male children of his sons will have the power to execute sale document. In the power of attorney deed apart from the signatures of krishanareedy's sons, the signatures of wives and children of krishna reddy's sons have been obtained and hence legally/technically there should not be any issue. This may not be a legal impediment at all since Krishna reddy's sons could have very well relinquished their rights in favour of their wives and children and they in turn could have sold the property. But, as the wives and male grand children are signatories to the deed I do not think there will be any impediment legally. This is only my view and I request boopathy25 to decide accordingly.

# garunprakash   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaMon Dec 26, 2011 04:39 PM
Hi KRONIANS - I have booked a Flat at Krona and was one of the first to book (back in feb). The location suits me and I bank on the reputation of VGN. Also, the idea of G+2 flats impressed me more than multi-storied apartments. You can reach me at garunprakash@gmail.com/yahoo.co.in;

Lets form a group soon...

# goksai5   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSat Dec 31, 2011 05:24 PM
Hi, I am going to book a 3BK at Krona tomorrow - i.e. 01/01/2012. I really liked that place for the same reasons that garunprakash has mentioned and had the similar concerns that other had too... But based on everything I verified, it seems to be a great place to live if we want to move in ourselves. But not a great investment if we are simply planning to invest and let it out for rent... Looking to you here your thoughts there...

# anuragkumar.rai   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSun Jan 01, 2012 01:41 PM
when does the possession for this apartment starts. i am interested in buying an apartment to move in immediately.

# rajeshadmin   Post Subject:LETS JOIN TO OUR VGN KRONA COMMUNITY IN FACEBOOKTue Feb 14, 2012 07:30 PM
Dear Kronians,

This would immense pleasure me to invite all you people to join my new Facebook group "VGN KRONA" which will helpus to track / discus / share / from the single phase. Thanks in Advance to join.

http://www.facebook.com/groups/218684208154852/ [facebook.com]

As per the marketing team's date update the possesion may chance on March - June 2013.....

# rajeshadmin   Post Subject:LETS JOIN TO OUR VGN KRONA COMMUNITY IN FACEBOOKTue Feb 14, 2012 07:45 PM
Dear Kronians,

This would immense pleasure me to invite all you people to join my new Facebook group "VGN KRONA" which will helpus to track / discus / share / from the single phase. Thanks in Advance to join.

http://www.facebook.com/groups/218684208154852/ [facebook.com]

As per the marketing team's date update the possesion may chance on March - June 2013.....

# rajeshadmin   Post Subject:LETS JOIN TO OUR VGN KRONA COMMUNITY IN FACEBOOKTue Feb 14, 2012 07:45 PM
Dear Kronians,

This would immense pleasure me to invite all you people to join my new Facebook group "VGN KRONA" which will helpus to track / discus / share / from the single phase. Thanks in Advance to join.

http://www.facebook.com/groups/218684208154852/ [facebook.com]

As per the marketing team's date update the possesion may chance on March - June 2013.....

# Keshav600083   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaThu Feb 23, 2012 07:28 PM
Hello All

I have also booked an apartment with VGN Krona in March2011,Its nice to see a community here where we can discuss mutual issues and development of the project.My apartment is in the middle of the plot. I visited krona last week and basement stage has been completed for almost all of the apartments. Its great that there is a facebook page available for this project which i intend to join asap.

# Keshav600083   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaThu Feb 23, 2012 07:33 PM

I was in the same dilema when i decided to book the apartment. Mine is a 2 BHk on the first floor.Regarding Investments,I feel that it will do well especially with the close proximity to DLF, MIOT and multiple residential schools.The project seems neat and clean and the concept of G+2 buildings really appeal to me. I am not a fan of hise rise buildings.Also since i reside in Ashok Nagar currently,this project makes sense to me as it is only 8 km away.I was a little worried about the Airport expantion but later realised that the appropriate approvals have been cleared. I also checked with some higher ups at AAI and it seems safe.

# sreenivasan.ajay   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaFri Feb 24, 2012 10:54 AM
Hi guys,
I have booked a 3 bhk at krona..just wondering would their be any security at the gate as the roads will have public access. Happy to see this forum.


# Keshav600083   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaFri Feb 24, 2012 03:04 PM

It seems that for the first 1yr after posession,the builder will maintain all the amenities and security. Post that, a society will be formed with the owners and we have to maintain the property. I am assuming that the expenses will be dealt with the maintenece charges.

# sreenivasan.ajay   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaFri Feb 24, 2012 10:48 PM
Thanks keshav..it looks like manju foundation will form as a gated community.roads laid by vgn will be gifted to panchayat..more over vgn brochure doesn't say anything about security near the entrance..looks like they will have a maintenance office..not sure where this will come.. I have just visited the site once so far..also wondering what will be the height of the roof?

# Keshav600083   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSat Feb 25, 2012 02:50 PM

I guess the only way into manju Foundation would be through VGN.Unless they come up with another entrance on the Road Side. I am not aware of the Public roads for panchayat but It doesnt seem practical. I mean, Outsiders will definitely require a pass or check before coming in. How can they just allow anyone to come in especially when there isnt any street or resources inside VGN except amenities which are for the owners. It seems highly unlikely. Regarding the height of the Roof, I am not aware of the exact height.Again I am assuming that it might be 9ft based on standards. You could enquire with their Nungambakkam office and they should be able to clear all doubts. if incase you do get responses from them,please post it here so that it benefits all the owners. When did you visit the Property last ?


# sreenivasan.ajay   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaMon Feb 27, 2012 01:01 AM
alright keshav, my mother is dealing with vgn at this stage as i live overseas..they are just about to achieve milestone 3 on my apt..once i get the updates i will keep it posted. I had visited the site last month end of jan when i came to chennai..it's progressing well.

# Keshav600083   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaTue Feb 28, 2012 02:46 PM

Good to hear that,I am overseas as well and keep visiting the site as and when possible, For me,there are just about to complete the basement stage. Keep intouch and let us know


# sreenivasan.ajay   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaThu Mar 01, 2012 10:24 AM
Here you go keshav..
1. No gate at entrance as the roads shared with public since their are few houses behind vgn.
2. Yes their will be a security guard.
3. Card access for every owner for the security door at entrance of each block.
4. Roof will be 9"1/2 feet heigh.

# Keshav600083   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaMon Mar 05, 2012 10:52 AM
Hi Ajay

Thanks for the post. No gate at the entrance is bad but compensated with Access Card for each block, Cant decide which is better :)

# ramkrish.shiv   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaTue Mar 06, 2012 11:18 AM
Hi Keshav/Ajay,
Even i had a word with the marketing guy at `krona site last weekend...and he said that the roads in VGN premises can be accessed by the public as the roads are common to VGN (& other layouts around VGN) and panchayat... He also said that , for that matter, this also applies to other builders like ceebros , Jains or Doshis..It is just that the public does not know the fact that the builders cannot claim the roads within their premises as theirs and hesitate/refrain from getting inside such premises which claim to be gated community..He said if , in future, panchayat/corporation decides to lay connecting roads seperately for entering into Manju or other nearby layouts, then VGN would have the roads within their premises for themselves and avoid public access. However,he did not mention anything related to access restricted blocks.

# arjitha   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSat Mar 10, 2012 03:33 PM
Hi friends, nice we have started a discussion room with facebook. My only worry is if they expand the airport in this region ?? have u all worked out this. Even I have done some home work on this. Spoke to TIDCO senior most official who looks after all this acquisition and he assured there is no plans as of now as they r planning for a future airport in Sriperumpudur. but this is only as of now but dont know of the future becaz there is no other projects in that side of road apart from this one.

# srikanth.nt   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSun Mar 11, 2012 05:53 AM
HO, it is terribly priced, thinking all are fools, but for VGN. They say 3400, but they charge around 4300 to 4400 (whooping 1000 rs hidden charges) for a place where govt could takeover in the future for the airport (falls near the walls of the airport expansion) even though they have no objection certificate from AAI.

Above all they sell the backside of the project (tailend of the project) at first and later they will sell the front ones??? and exactly the back end is very close to the airport expansion- how smart u r? and they open booking for limited no of flats so they keep finishing all flats before they move to next one? smart selling which is why they say the flats are almost over (dont know how far it is true)

Many projects hav gone down in well (in this region) like the EVP township project (very near to this project) and the 10D Downing street project which is called Metro now, is almost like a real estate scam of Manju Foundation is what i heard as grapevine (well very next plot to this project is 10 D downing st whose officials say they are finding difficult to get the approval and many investors have written so bad of that project in indiarealestate forum)

This is just my opinion, but may be wrong too. Becaz their MInerva project is really good and had been there and was amazed by the project. Let us see how this one goes.

So I request all who want to invest to be cautious in this project, eventhough VGN has been excellent so far and they might succeed here and prove me wrong. They might prove wrong this time as Green Peace have in Gerugambakkam Lavender Park where they have almost completed the 4 storey building and they are yet to get the approval inspite of heavy pressure from them even at ministrial level. Many are cancelling the booking, but problem here is we cant cancel as we will have the registration done.

They are asking a premium for a huge risk. Well it should be priced at 2700 per sq ft becaz of the risks involved in it. This is my opinion and what ever it may be (when comparing a project like DLF gardens for 2800 to 3000 in OMR which is lot better i think ) and for an investment view this may may not give u any reasonable return in the near future at least. but if no issue of AAI cropping up and good club house facilities this is a good place to live rather as a investment sense. Others do comment.

# Keshav600083   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaWed Mar 28, 2012 12:06 AM
Nice to see more home owners here. I too enquired with AAI officials and they were also of the opinion that there would be no further expansion done to the Airport. moreover now they have mentioned that Chennai will have 2 Intl airports, present one and another at greenfield.So i am not too sure in which direction all this is headed.Regarding VGN krona, I am not happy about the roads being open to public. A certain level of privacy will be lost. Access cards would be a good idea if implemented but this is not mentioned on their brochure,we will just have to wait and see!

# gagandas2000   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaTue May 15, 2012 01:29 PM
I have also booked a Flat at VGN KRONA. I have one valid question for all those who booked the flat in this project but not yet registered the Land in their name.

Now as you know , the guide line value of the Land has gone up, how are we going to be taxed by the builder ??????

For Example total value of the Flat let us take Rs.50,00,000/- out of which let us take Land Cost Earlier was estimated as per Guide line Value is Rs.10,00,000/- and hence the building cost was Rs.40,00,000. As per the rules we will have to pay Land Registration Charges on Land cost which is on Rs.10 Lakhs and Service Tax on Building Value which is Rs.40 Lakhs.

But After the revised guideline value the Land Cost assuming it is now Rs.17 Lakhs then at this point we will have to pay Land Registration Charges on Revised Guideline Value for Rs.17 lakhs. Then what happend to our Service Tax on Building Value. Is it on Rs.40 Lakhs as per the agreement we have entered or it is going to be on Rs. 33 Lakhs ( Rs.50 lakhs Minus Land guide line Value Rs.17 lakhs) .Can any one analyse this and reply. If VGN Collect Service Tax on Rs.40 Lakhs as per agreement then we are being double taxed for a portion of value where we pay Registration Charges as well as Service Taxes.

Request all those who invest in VGN KRONA to look into this and reply. Because it is going to be a big issue and we may have loss of around Rs.1 lakh or more on this point if it is not collectively objected.
Last-Updated by : gagandas2000 on Wed May 16, 2012 08:40 AM

# garunprakash   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaThu May 17, 2012 04:22 PM
Hi Kronians,

Great to see valuable discussions here! My flat is exactly in front of the garden and they have just completed the walls! I really like the pace at which work is going on here - especially comparing to other big ones in and around Porur!

# siva.mps   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSat May 04, 2013 02:20 PM
I am planning to see flats in VGN Krona 2nd phase, please let me know your views. Also let us know details about Marvel & Lavander Park projects in Gerugambakkam.

# tkishorebabu   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaMon May 13, 2013 10:24 AM

ANy idea about VGN krona Phase one hand over date?

# vgn.senthil   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaWed Jul 03, 2013 10:38 AM
It is almost in completion stage. Any way contact once with the VGN management and update the handover date. Bye..

# sarathyk   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaSun Sep 08, 2013 08:12 AM

I am basically from Coimbatore and planning to book a 2-BHK in phase-2. Even though it is over priced now, I made my mind to go for it. But thinking of too much about the land acquisition for airport expansion. I have seen this topic on 2011 and nothing about it in last 2 years. Can anyone let me know its status as of now? Is it reliable to buy? Please help to PM your opinion to sarathyk@gmail.com

# vgn.senthil   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaWed Sep 11, 2013 01:06 PM
Hi Sarathy, Surely you will get a mail from our Sales Team....

# ananthece03   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaWed Nov 13, 2013 10:20 PM
Hi I am interested to book a flat in phase 2. Can anyone confirm what is the current price? you can contact me on ananthece03@gmail.com. Thanks.

# gagandas2000   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaTue Nov 19, 2013 12:26 PM
I think they are delaying the project. Request all to check with VGN the reason for that.

# haisrini1979   Post Subject:Discussion on VGN KronaMon Jan 20, 2014 02:19 PM
I am new to this forum and booked a 2BHK flat in VGN Krona. I visited the site last Saturday, and the conditions still seems to be the same. I think it will take atleast 4 - 6 months more to complete this project. They have delayed close to a year, and any idea how much they should deduct in our final settlement as the agreement says Mar 2013 with a grace period of 3 months. Please also let me know if the facebook group still exist (or) any other forum where I can be a member of?

Post your reviews/queries/comments on VGN Krona project or about Gerugambakkam (near Porur) locality in general and get answers from PlaceToLive.in user community.

Discuss well before you decide on your long term investment.

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